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About Geosaic

Geosaic GmbH is a young company: an engineering company for earth sciences that was founded on January 21, 2021. The aim of the young company is to use digital tools to increasingly supplement or automate the conventional way of interpreting geophysical and geological data and ultimately to replace it in the long term. This shall be achieved by specializing in new artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and with the help of aircraft. These tools are increasingly being tested and applied when interpreting geophysical data or, in the medium term, for other geoscientific issues.  

Where does the name Geosaic come from?

Geo s ai c is a compound word from Geo, Science and AI. As a whole word, Geosaic also means geoscientific mosaic which Geosaic is trying to solve with AI.

What are the benefits of Geosaic?

Geosaic specializes exclusively in AI in connection with geosciences. There are 3 subject areas: AI projects, AI training and AI research. However, it is also possible that Geosaic will expand to other related sciences.

Who is behind Geosaic?

The 100% owner and managing director is Johannes Amtmann. The founder is also co-owner and co-founder of another engineering company for earth sciences, Geo5 GmbH. All in all, he has already 15 years of experience in earth sciences and about 6 years in the field of AI. Johannes Amtmann was active as research assistant at Joanneum Research in the field of geophysics and geothermal energy for about 8 years, as research assistant at the Montanuniversität for 6 years and as research assistant at Geo5 GmbH on a project that is exclusively dedicated to AI topics regarding seismic data. Since 2021, he has been managing director and scientist at Geosaic. External experts and employees are continuously hired and groomed for Geosaic’s services.  

Why Geosaic?

Geosaic was founded to enable the digital revolution for the geosciences. This requires a lot of research (research rate: >50% in the first year) and may be risky for the founder, but also very exciting. But since Geosaic deals exclusively with AI topics, synergy effects can be achieved, and AI solutions can be implemented faster and cheaper for customers.  

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