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AI training

Geosaic always tries to find optimal use of AI. Hence, customers shall learn to use an AI solution partially or completely on their own in the long term without being too dependent on third-party companies. As a consequence, Geosaic offers training for each project to familiarize employees with the AI project.


What training is offered?

Project-integrated training or general AI training

Project-oriented training?

In project-oriented training, the customer’s employees are involved from the start so that they can later use the AI solution as independently as possible.

General training?

Upon customer demand, general AI training units can also be offered.

Does AI training make sense for my employees?

To be able to use AI solutions as much as possible independently, it makes sense for the customer’s employees to gain better insight into the AI world or the AI project world.

A quick cheat sheet for Machine Learning Engineers and friends of ML:

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